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Reiden Industries - FootThrottle

Have you ever suffered from aching wrists, numb or tingling fingers while riding?


Have you ever wished you could rest your right hand, whilst riding without stopping or compromising your control with fiddly attachments or electronics?

If you have answered YES, then EziRide maybe the perfect product for you regardless of how many hours you spend on your bike.


What Is EziRide

Reiden Industries - FootThrottle

Australian invented and manufactured design, EziRide is not like anything you have seen or tried..


EziRide is NOT cruise control, throttle lock or any type of restrictive devise you put on your bar ends or handlebars to limit or control your speed.


So, what is FootThrottle?


FootThrottle is better than cruise control because it DOES NOT require you to lose focus on application and it DOES NOT restrict you to a set speed like cruise control. Yes that is correct, it DOES NOT restrict you to a pre-set speed! Instead you have the ability to not only adjust your speed to the road conditions BUT you are able to do this without thinking about it!

Psychology behind FootThrottle


When learning to first operate a car or truck you learnt how to control the vehicle. You learnt that if you apply pressure in a downwards motion on your throttle, you will begin to move forward. Just as if you apply pressure on the break peddle, you learnt that your vehicle will come to a stop. After a while you learn to drive a car without even thinking about every operation. This is called learnt response, repetitive learning that is placed within the subconscious mind allowing you to focus on driving and not on the operations required to drive.


When you learnt to ride a motorcycle, you applied learnt responses you have already gain from learning to drive a car or truck and build up on these on most cases. You would have learnt to move the bike forward you twist your right wrist opening up the throttle and the bike moves forward. You should have learnt that if you remove your right hand and place it on the break with your right foot on the rear break your motorcycle will come to a stop. You would have fairly quickly pick up these operations and build up on the skills you had. This in turn was placed into the subconscious mind and you no longer need to think about how to operate your motorcycle because it comes natural to you.


Along with the basic controls of operating a motorcycle you also would have learnt about positions and the meaning of these; for example your foot in the ready position is already covering the break and like the learnt response, you are aware of the stability the back break will give you once you apply pressure to the lever. As in the resting position, you have already assessed the conditions, there is no immediate danger therefore you move your foot back on the pegs and placing it in the resting position. While you are aware that at any given time you have the ability to cover your break in an emergency and respond appropriately.

With this information already pre-programmed in your mind, we have adapted this concept and taken it one step forward applying it to FootThrottle.


Within our unique design, this same principal has been applied to FootThrottle with the addition of learning a new movement using your heel. This is done so, because the actual position of the FootThrottle is placed in such a way that not only is the device safe to operate, easy to operate but it is so simple to operate. Therefore, your brain has the capacity to quickly learn this new movement and after a few receptive motions places this new learnt response in your subconscious allowing you to focus on the road and not the operations of the devise.


The last thing a riders needs, is to lose is focus from the road to apply a fiddly contraption that needs conscious attention while they are riding. Not to mention the focus and lost time it takes to deactivate it in an emergency situation. 

You may not be aware of just how much the rider has to do just to enjoy their motorcycle. Thankfully our brains are equipped with the ability to multi-task, because while you are sitting up there enjoying the view, wind on your chest and the rumbling of the engine under you. Your brain is processing the constant changing environment, evaluating every possibility, problem solving, decision making, interpreting and reinterpreting the ever changing conditions, operating the machine and don’t forget keeping your physical body running. Sounds exhausting? It should be, because all of this processing of information is contributing to your fatigue levels.

In an emergency with your fatigue levels compromised by this constant processing of information, what do you think your reaction time would be if you also had to disengage a contraption that was meant to make your riding easier? It would take seconds and conscious effort with this time increasing the more fatigued you are.

This is where FootThrottle comes into its own with its unique design, removing the need to consciously disengage it, using your previously learnt response of naturally covering the brakes in the ready position. One swift movement of your foot gives you total control, allowing the rider to maintain focus on the road ahead.

Check out our demonstration video!

EziRide Demonstration Video!

How Does EziRide Work


Demonstration of EziRide

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