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Customer Testimonials

Ron, Jon, Aprilia, RSV Mille

What an epic day of riding Sunday was! Starting on the Gold Coast at 8am, I got on my Aprilia RSV Mille, and made my way up to Samford Village about 100kms north. Met a group of about 100+ Riders, including Dougal Fisher, and Kelly Fisher, for the Tod Hamilton Memorial ride. We made our way up to Mt. Mee using various windy back roads, Up and over to Kilcoy, then down past Somerset, Wivenhoe, a stop on Coromorant Bay Park where Michal Garbowski of Mick's Bike & Car Tyres..., raffled off some goodies to raise money for Tod's funeral expenses. Then a few of us went over to Fernvale by 2pm for a rest and some food. 5+ hours of riding, 3 tanks of fuel, hundreds of twists and turns, elevation changes galore. By the time I sat down I was pretty tired and sore, and thinking about riding home But Oh No!! that wasn't happening because I got a call back from my buddy Freddy Heagney, who got on his R1, and met me in Fernvale, we drank a coffee to wake back up again and squeeze the energy sponge a bit more so we could do Mt. Glorious, and Mt. Nebo. More Riding! More Twisting the Throttle! More crazy elevation changes, countless switch backs, lefts, rights, hairpins and sweepers. Oh man, was it Glorious!! LOL. By the time we were through the 2 mountain ranges, I needed another tank of fuel, and topped up in Brisbane area. We made our way through the city and Fred and I got on the M3 and headed south. I saw Fred get off on his exit near Mt. Gravatt, and I headed south and stopped off at Tim Frazer's place in Loganlea, to have a visit with him, Michael Biddle, Nicola Barnes, and little John Frazer. By that time, i was sore everywhere, but with no regrets! Sitting in the chair @ Tim's, I almost felt like I was still riding on the bike, lol. Then I finally dragged myself outta there around 730pm, and headed back the last 50 KMS to Hope Island to make it home to for a nice greeting from Asmaa, where I took my gear off, ate some dinner and then relaxed on the couch. All day the RSV Mille was running absolutely in top form! If it wasn't for my Foot Throttle by Reiden Industries Pty Ltd, I likely would have been in much worse shape, physically! I was able to ride with my throttle hand down by my side more often than I could count while doing straightaways and mild sweepers! It certainly got a few looks from some other riders, while I sped up and slowed down without touching my right grip. I figure I did about 700kms in all, and I'm still smiling.

C. Cornford, Honda,  CB1300S 

"I have a 2007 Honda CB1300S and recently Had a foot throttle fitted. I am absolutely wrapped with the ease is use, I was considering selling the bike to buy something with cruise control but saved a packet this way and got same result, could not be happier! If you need short time relief to give your throttle hand a shake and stretch, this is the way to go and very affordable!"

S. Poole,  Kawasaki,  ZRX1200S

"Been riding motorcycles since 1970. Long distance touring is my passion. Nearing 60 yrs of age and often dreamed of having a bike with electronic cruise control but the cost has been too prohibitive. When I first saw the FootThrottle being installed by Dougal at the Lions TT, I knew I had to have one and now I do!  When $$$ allow I will buy more for my other bikes. No more thoughts of electronic stuff, this is the beez kneez for me. I now also tow a single wheel trailer, combined with the FootThrottle touring is the best it has ever been."

S.White, Yamaha, R1 

"I was approached by Kell and asked "If i would like to do a trial run on foot throttle for your trip to Melbourne?" Thought sure, why not!!... So, i headed out onto the open road and decide to try this "foot throttle". I have to admit, at first. It felt a little strange changing my foot position. But when i engaged it, i thought 'Wow!! I can actually move my wrist for once!' Having the flexibility to alternate between my hands, helped to relieve the soreness i normal get from my hand position. I must say "this was a welcome surprise!!" I found throughout the trip, I was able to freely move about. changing my position at will and best of all with minimal disruption to my current style!! I have to say I was impressed how easy it is to engage, there is no thinking required, leaning over my bars or taking my eyes off the road to engage it. A welcome surprise and what a difference it made to my trip. I think i spent more time on foot throttle than off it. Since returning a little over a year ago now, I still have it installed today and its not coming off!! Honestly, now I can't imagine riding without it!! Thanks guys, I can strongly recommend this product to anyone and everyone, who enjoys getting out and riding!!

Mygsxey, Suzuki, GSXR-600

"I have been riding my sports bike for about four years now. I ride everything from weekend squirts to weekly commuting to the long open trips, clocking up the kms. I have had "foot throttle" on my ride for about 2 years. I've not had any issues or soreness within my wrists since the day Dougal installed it on my gixer! 'Thank you!! I spend more time on it than off and in all random conditions, from open h'ways, local streets, traffic jams to crusin the local loop. I get some very interesting looks when i take off my right hand off the bar when I'm pass other riders. They all looking puzzled, however being a chick, you get used to the looks so its all good. Have to say a massive "THANKS GUYS!!" I personally love the product! and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone who rides, regardless of how often" 

"Stay safe, stay upright and get yourself a Foot Throttle!!"

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